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The dwarven calendar system is divided into years, decades, and centuries. Every year from 3200 PC - 399 AC can be represented in the calendar.


Each year of a decade is sequentially numbered, and each decade of a century is sequentially numbered. The units digit of the PC/AC calendar consistently corresponds to the dwarven year, though the exact pattern changes between PC and AC centuries. For PC centuries the first year of the century has a different hundreds digit than the rest of the century's years, and the units digit starts at 0 and then counts down from 9 through 1, so:

  • Years with a units digit of 0 are the Year of Zinc
  • Years with a units digit of 9 are the Year of Tin
  • ...
  • Years with a units digit of 1 are the Year of Copper.

For AC years, the first year of a decade always has a units digit of 0 and subsequent years count up to 9, so:

  • Years with a units digit of 0 are the Year of Zinc
  • Years with a units digit of 1 are the Year of Tin
  • ...
  • Years with a units digit of 9 are the Year of Copper.

The same patterns hold true for decade numbers, but they depend on the tens digit instead of the units digit. The century starting with 0 PC is a special case; while the first year is a PC year, the rest of the century takes place in AC, so it follows the AC counting patterns.

NOTE: The pattern for years listed above counting from 0 as the first year instead of 1, conflicts with the tables below, which are directly quoted from the original source. The example on page 5 of the source specifically states is "the 76th year of a century would be the Year of Nickel in the Decade of Vallenwood (6th year of the 7th decade)".


AC Years Dwarven year
First Zinc
Second Tin
Third Bronze
Fourth Gold
Fifth Silver
Sixth Nickel
Seventh Iron
Eighth Steel
Ninth Brass
Tenth Copper


AC Decade Dwarven decade
First Oak
Second Hickory
Third Pine
Fourth Ash
Fifth Elm
Sixth Maple
Seventh Vallenwood
Eigth Willow
Ninth Walnut
Tenth Cherry


PC/AC Dwarven century
3200 PC Century of Tide
3100 PC Century of Coral
3000 PC Century of Smoke
2900 PC Century of Cloud
2800 PC Century of Magma
2700 PC Century of Truth
2600 PC Century of Snow
2500 PC Century of Stars
2400 PC Century of Stone
2300 PC Century of the Anvil
2200 PC Century of Ember
2100 PC Century of Wind
2000 PC Century of Sun
1900 PC Century of the White Moon
1800 PC Century of the Red Moon
1700 PC Century of Thunder
1600 PC Century of Rain
1500 PC Century of Echoes
1400 PC Century of Shadow
1300 PC Century of Song
1200 PC Century of Fire
1100 PC Century of Emerald
1000 PC Century of Diamond
900 PC Century of Garnet
800 PC Century of Ruby
700 PC Century of Ogres
600 PC Century of Birds
500 PC Century of Swords
400 PC Century of Coin
300 PC Century of Books
200 PC Century of Priests
100 PC Century of Hate
0 PC Century of Despair
100 AC Century of Night
200 AC Century of Dawn
300 AC Century of Dragons
400 AC Template:Dw century


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