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Eadamm (6350 PC - 6319 PC) was the leader of Igraine's slave miners. When the mine they were in collapsed, trapping Igraine's daughter, Everlyn - Eadamm disobeyed Igraine's orders and went back in to rescue Everlyn.

30 years old, a strong man, of average height, with sky-blue eyes and blond hair, with dark skin from working in the mines for so long. Eadamm was one of the finest miners in the Ogre Empire and was considered "irreplaceable". Eadamm possessed a harsh grating voice, and was known to Igraine for the samples of rare rocks he used to give to Everlyn.


Eadamm's selflessness in putting his own life in jeopardy by saving Everlyn and breaking the law radically changed Igraine's view on High Ogre society and made him realize that nothing was set in stone - every creature has the power to make choices. This sets the doomsday clock ticking for the downfall of the High Ogre race.

Eadamm later led the rebellion against the other High Ogres when Igraine and his followers made their escape, and won many hard-fought battles.

Eadamm also was in love with Everlyn, and she to him. She was pregnant with his child until Jyrbian Taika strangled her to death. Eadamm earns the undying hatred of Jyrbian for his "crimes" with Everlyn, as well as stealing what he felt should have been his love.

Ultimately Eadamm was caught by Jyrbian at the Siege of Persepholis, where Eadamm led the siege, and was sentenced to 7 days of torture after which he was paraded through the streets on each day. On the seventh day he was drawn and quartered in the coliseum in front of every single High ogre and Human slave in the city of Takar. This prompts the insurgence of all the human slaves who turn on their masters and slaughter them.