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Earwig Lockpicker (? - ? AC) was a kender from Kenderhome, it is unknown who his parents were, but it is known that he had an Uncle Trapspringer, a brother named Walkagain Lockpicker, and a cousin who was a Hero of the Lance, Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Earwig prides himself on having been all over the continent of Ansalon, including places like Solace, Thelgaard, Solamnia, Northern Ergoth, and Southern Ergoth to name a few.

Earwig was no bigger than a twelve-year-old human boy, with his face having numerous lines around his mouth and eyes, always grinned ear to ear, eyes the color of bright green and always sparkled with curiosity, innocence, and mischief. He had sandy brown hair that hung below the middle of his back, long, nimble fingers, and had a shrill voice. His personality was that of all kender; polite, neat clothing, always wanted to shake hands when meeting someone new, and always returned what he 'found' to the owner when they said something.

Earwig's favorite weapon was the hoopak, but he prided himself on having a wide variety of weapons in his collection, liking all of them. He was known to have played the pipes as he was sitting around a campfire to relax.


In one of his adventures with Caramon Majere and Raistlin Majere, he journeyed to the city of Mereklar. While in the city he journeys to Shavas's home and Earwig finds a ring there. This ring ended up taking control of Earwig's mind, but he was able to break this by removing the ring with Caramon's assistance. Later he was taken prisoner by Catherine, but this was only temporary and Catherine befriends Earwig. Eventually Earwig and Caramon travelled to an other dimensional Mereklar where they were able to stop Takhisis from trying to enter Krynn. Following this grand adventure, Earwig journeys off with Catherine to unknown places.

War of the Lance[]

It was unknown what exactly he was doing during the War of the Lance, but it was known that in 351 AC, Earwig was travelling in Solamnia again near the city of Palanthas.

Other Names[]

Caramon would always call Earwig other names as they were adventuring. Some of them were Earwig Nosepicker, Earmite, and Earwax.