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Eben Shatterstone (Rannmont 23, 325 AC - ? AC) was a young sell-sword and a soldier of fortune in the years preceding the War of the Lance. As the son of a once-wealthy merchant of Gateway, the young Eben was used to the finer things in life, before he found himself destitute when his family fortune vanished. The wily young fighter offered his sword to the highest bidder, regardless of whom it was that he served to get paid.

Eben had midnight-black hair, a slender and well-built body due to the rigors of his trade, and a handsome face. He was often described as ruggedly handsome, and believed himself to be quite the ladies man. His clothes and armor were of fine quality, yet aged badly and his armor tarnished.

Early Life[]

As a young nobleman in Gateway, Eben led a life of endless wealth and being able to spend his coin freely however he chose. His father was a powerful merchant and his family enjoyed the benefits of his successful business. However the business soured and young Eben soon found himself neither without a family fortune to spend, nor with anything else other than the clothes on his back. Considering himself something of an accomplished swordsman, the young Eben decided to turn to mercenary work in order to regain some measure of wealth, so he could be restored to his former lifestyle. Eben headed north and ran into the Dragonarmies, where he decided to join the dark forces to gain wealth and power.

War of the Lance[]

In the early stages of the war, Eben distinguished himself as a skilled warrior and intelligent young man. Winning the favor of Highlord Verminaard, Eben also gained access to Ember, the mount of the Dragon Highlord. After passing a series of test assignments for the dragon, Eben becomes a personal spy for Ember. Bringing young Shatterstone into his inner circle of trusted servants, the dragon informed Eben about Takhisis' quest for the Green Gemstone Man, and requested that he undertake the quest to finding him for the Dark Queen. Eben readily agreed to aid Ember and serve Takhisis.

The warrior then conveniently "escaped" from the clutches of the Highlord and started a resistance group against the Dragonarmies. Forming an alliance with the Qualinesti Elves and becoming an ally of the elven prince Gilthanas Solostaran, Eben was thought of as a trusted friend of the elves, whilst still secretly working for Verminaard and Ember.

Supplanting himself in the aftermath of a major battle, the Heroes of the Lance came across the warrior as they made their way towards Pax Tharkas. Eben concocted a tale to convince the heroes to allow him to join their group, and then played each of them off against one another, to cast suspicion of treachery and disrupt the group. In the dungeons of Pax Tharkas, Eben located the Green Gemstone Man, and planned to escape the fortress with his prize. However as the pair was escaping Pax Tharkas, the two dragons Ember and Matafleur waged their private battle overhead. The dragons had slammed into the walls of Pax Tharkas a number of times, causing them to be on the verge of collapse. As Eben and Berem (the Green Gemstone Man) were about to get through the fortress gates, the walls collapsed with the ancient defense mechanism, burying the pair under a mountain of rubble.

Many people believed he died in that rock fall, but when he was pulled out of the rumble he was still breathing. Leeches were used to save his life, but his legs had to be removed. Eben's face was also disfigured by the incident. He was last seen outside Haven begging for coins.


One particular source notes that Eben had the appearance of someone in his thirties, however another source clearly states his age as being 25 at the time of being buried alive.