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Egil Liveskill (ee-gill liv-us-kill) ( 359 AC - ? AC) was a Knight of the Lily that was stationed in Qualinesti as lord of the Onyx Hall. He had a yellow hair and colorless eyes.

Dark Knighthood[]

He was tasked by Lord of the Night Morham Targonne in the summer of 405 AC, to bring the Lioness to justice in Qualinesti. He passed this on to one of his sub-commanders, Lord Vytrad Redlance and his second-in-command Lord Hengriff along with ninety-seven other knights. This group would eventually fail, and even though Lord Liveskill was held accountable, he passed most of the blame on to Lord Hengriff.

His followers made up the Onyx Order, and dealt with the elven resistance worse than Lord Alexius Medan in Qualinost. Lord Liveskill would stay as Lord of the Black Hall, even after the War of Souls. He would become independent, and not have to answer to Neraka. Now his forces keep an eye mostly on other rival Dark Knights, such as Samuval to the north. Occasionally they work with the current Lord of the Night Baltasar Rennold.


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