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Ailea (? PC - 308 AC ), or Eld Ailea, was the Qualinesti Elf that was a midwife and was there when the future Hero of the Lance Tanis Half-Elven was born. She named Tanis, "tanthalas" which could mean "everstrong" in the human tongue, but could also mean "deserving to rule" in elven. She wasn't purely elven, with some human blood in her bloodlines from generations back.

Ailea was known to have been tiny for an elf, had round hazel eyes, slender build, long fingers, cat-like face, an alto voice, and pointed ears that she got from her mother.

Early Life[]

While she was a little girl, her father was banished from Qualinesti for trying to open the elven nation up to outsiders. So her family packed up and moved to the human city of Caergoth in Solamnia where relatives of the family lived. While there, Ailea trained with clerics as a midwife and in the process, learned a little bit of magic. Her magic was most for soothing potions and to make illusions to amuse children, but in all reality her magic was very strong when she used it later in life.

During her time in Caergoth, Ailea had a human husband and a son, and it is guess that she had to watch them grow old and eventually die. Along with him, Ailea also lost all her childhood friends to old age. So out of loneliness, she moved back to Qualinesti.

Life in Qualinesti[]

When Ailea move back to Qualinesti, she started out right away as a midwife. During this time, she delivered many elves into the world of Krynn, and with each child she painted a portrait of that child from memory to hang in her house. Beside Tanis, she also delivered Solostaran Kanan, Kethrenan Kanan, and Arelas Kanan to name a few. Tanis's portrait was one of the special few that were hung in her room for her to see every morning and night.

Even though she claimed to have 'retired' following the birth of Tanis, she continued to come to elven woman in Qualinost to assist them in their birthing. Ailea loved to deliver babies into the world.

Finally she got what she most wished for since his birth. Tanis came to visit her one-day with his friend Flint Fireforge. Together, all three sparked a grand friendship, and they were going to try and solve the problem with the charges against Tanis. One case, Ailea made Flint put Elansa Sungold's locket into Tanis's new sword, this would later help out Tanis greatly by saving his life. Just when Ailea figured out a key piece of evidence, she was brutally murdered by Miral. What she figured out was that Miral was really Arelas Kanan who had come back to kill the Qualinesti Royal Family.


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