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Eldan (? - ? PC) was a male Human First Son of Paladine. He was the First Son during the War of Bones.

War of Bones[]

In 574 PC, the Undead forces of Salius Ruven marched through the Holy Empire of Istar. When the undead laid siege to the city of Istar, the Emperor of Istar, Lannis asked Eldan to approach the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar for help. They refused to attack one of their own. Eldan asked again three more times with the same result. Lannis then asked for the aid of the Knights of Solamnia and they responded.

After Salius was defeated, Eldan had the bodies of his forces piled in front of the tower. He told the Wizards there that if they betrayed Istar again it would be them who would be piled before their tower.