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Elethia (? PC - ? PC) was a raven-haired cleric of Zivilyn who created the Temple of the Holy Orders of the Stars and killed Kiernan the Crimson with a blessed arrow. She believed all clerics, good, neutral, or evil, should have a place where they could live and worship their gods together. Elethia was a quiet woman, gentle and soft-spoken until there was a need for her to be otherwise.

Elethia and the other clerics of good and neutrality worshiped for a time at the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars. The evil clerics did not come and the ones that did caused many problems. Elethia fought hard for her dream to become a reality and the Temple stayed open until a few years after she died. Without her personality and driving force behind the concept, other clerics gradually left the temple. A few years later, the Cataclysm came and the Gods left Krynn.

During her time at the temple, Elethia became aware of Kiernan. She confronted Kiernan after the dragon had successfully threatened Tresvka for tribute. The dragon attacked after Elethia demanded he return the tribute and leave forever. Ultimately, Elethia blessed an arrow and successfully hit a flying Kiernan in the eye, killing the dragon instantly.

In the year 353 AC, after the gods returned to Krynn, clerics returned to the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars trying to live out Elethia’s vision once more.


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