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Elsher’s Height is an ancient stone keep found on the northwestern shore of New Swamp by the New Sea. The wall surrounding the keep is roughly rectangular and there are openings in the north and south ends. The keep’s kitchens were in an external building in the northwestern part of the courtyard. The keep itself has four levels above ground and a wine cellar below ground.

Age of Might[]

Prior to the Cataclysm the site was located on the northwestern border of Tsarothelm. During this time a cleric of Morgion was killed there. His spirit then haunted the site.


After the Cataclysm, the New Sea formed and Elsher’s Height was placed on its shore.

Age of Mortals[]

At some point, Dark Knights took up residence in the keep. The wine cellar was made into a dungeon. The ground floor held the armory and a crude kitchen due to the external kitchens falling into disrepair long ago. The second floor held barracks and a chapel to Takhisis. The third floor contained the general barracks and private bedchambers of the Knight-Officer and the Skull Knight stationed there. The top level (garret level) was partial in ruins by then and held the temporary slave quarters.


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