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Ember (? - 351 AC), also known as Pyros, was an ancient and huge red dragon that was paired with the Dark Cleric and Dragon Highlord Verminaard. Ember was tasked by the Dark Queen to find Berem Everman to ensure her victory in the War of the Lance. Ember was also the Dark Queen's spy, tasked with reporting all of Verminaard's failures and weaknesses. Ember possesses the arrogance typical of his kind and believes himself better than Verminaard and other red dragons.

Cerestes the Advisor[]

In 325 ACTakhisis ordered Ember to take the form of Cerestes, a Black Robe wizard living in Castle Nidus. In this form he was young looking, dark-haired, handsome in a reptilian sort of way, heavy-lidded golden eyes, and was the former student of Speratus. Ember then killed Speratus, but set it up to look like Nerakan bandits killed him. Over the years his appearance changed with the human age he simulated, such as his hair turning whiter and his golden eyes turning gray.

Ember eventually became the advisor to Daeghrefn. Daeghrefn ordered Ember, in Cerestes form, to be the official tutor to both Aglaca Dragonbane and Verminaard. Eventually, Ember revealed himself to Verminaard and the Dark Queen told Verminaard that Ember was a gift, but in reality Ember was on a mission to find Berem. Following the attack and slaughter at Castle Nidus, they left the lands together to join up with the Dragonarmies.

War of the Lance[]

When the War of the Lance broke out across Ansalon, Ember and Verminaard were not the leads of the Red Dragonarmy yet. Following the defeat of Phair Caron in the Silvanesti Conflict, Ember and Verminaard found themselves leading the Red Wing. Ember was based out of Pax Tharkas where he would relax while waiting for the next conquest. When the Heroes of the Lance infiltrated Pax Tharkas, Ember activated the defense mechanism when he destroyed the chain which blocked the only way in or out of Pax Tharkas. A senile red named Flamestrike attacked Ember when she was tricked by the Heroes into thinking she was protecting her 'children'. Flamestrike killed Ember by crashing them both into a mountain at full speed while both where in flight.


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