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Emma Xela (? AC - ? AC) is a sorcerous prodigy who originally hails from Solace. As a young girl, she was enamored with tales of wizards and considered herself lucky to live in the same town as some of the Heroes of the Lance. Emma is a tall, thin woman with long, curly, brown hair. She can be shy when first introduced to a person, but quickly comes out of her shell when the subject changes to magical theory.

Her childhood was spent around the Inn of the Last Home helping out Caramon Majere and Tika Majere and their daughters. She was enamored with Palin Majere, and began following him around everywhere. Palin realized that this was more than simple infatuation; magic was truly important to Emma.

One day, Palin placed a puzzle in front of Emma. Palin took an acorn and put it in a cup, then filled it to the brim with water. He challenged her to remove the acorn without spilling the water. Though Emma is a natural puzzle-solver, she was not able to figure out the answer. Palin took the cup of water and drank it, producing the soggy acorn inside for Emma. When she accused Palin of cheating, he told her something that would guide her for the rest of her life. In essence, Palin told Emma that she needed to think in new ways. His generation thought by the old rules, and it would be her generation that would truly learn the new rules of magic.

When the Academy of Sorcery was founded, Emma applied to be one of its first students. Unfortunately, her testing went poorly and she was refused admittance. She eventually did make it into the Academy three years later, barely passing the entry requirement.

Her first few months at the Academy were difficult. She worked so hard to master her studies that even the most basic spells proved difficult. In desperation, she abandoned the methods and advice of her mentors and approached Wild Sorcery from the perspective that all sorcerous energy was the same and each school of sorcery was merely a variation of the same, central principle. As a result, Emma discovered a method of combining the Realms of Sorcery which had eluded the greatest minds of the Academy, even Palin’s. The result was the spell Emma’s Flame. Emma was hailed as a visionary, and was asked by students and experienced sorcerers alike to explain her technique.

Magic Emissaries[]

After Emma finished her studies at the Academy of Sorcery, Palin Majere asked her to travel to the smaller academies of sorcery to spread new sorcery techniques and methods. Emma visited the Citadel of Light to speak to the mystics there who also possessed sorcerous talent. There, she gained a traveling companion – Briony Thistleknot, a veteran Citadel Guardian. The two traveled through Abanasinia, Solamnia, and then headed to Nordmaar.

As the two traveled, they began teaching the ambient spellcasters of Krynn sorcery and mysticism, and how to combine the two into hybrid magic.

Along the way, the two companions visited a village of free draconians in Teyr, where female draconians capable of laying eggs existed. Emma and Briony sought to understand the circumstances behind this miracle. They believed the same phenomenon may be responsible for events in Nordmaar, where reports said fire dragons have begun to breed and threatened to overrun the town of Willik.

The pair traveled to Willik, where they investigated the reports of fire dragons breeding. They headed towards a long-dormant volcano south of town. Later that day, the people of Willik reported hearing unearthly howls that echoed across the land, followed by a sudden and violent earthquake as the mountain exploded in blood-red flame. Afterwards, the residents of the town reported no fire dragons for several weeks. Diviners at the Academy of Sorcery were unable to locate the location of the two.

Though thought to be dead for months, the two reappeared in Sanction. Sanction was under siege by the Dark Knights, who used a talon of Thorn Knights skilled in pyromancy and geomancy to allow the knights to cross the lava river that flows directly through the city center. The river of lava turned on the Dark Knights, and a shape emerged from below – a fire dragon ridden by Emma and Briony. The pair leapt off at the first opportunity and was carried to safety. The Dark Knights then battled the fire dragon, both sides destroying each other. A celebration was held in honor of Emma and Briony, and the pair later traveled to Crossing, and later to their respective institutions to report their findings.

Legion of Steel[]

After working together for nearly a decade, Emma and Briony joined the Legion of Steel after the War of Souls, heading up the Legion cell in Daltigoth. Their mission was to investigate the Whitescale Society and the drug allomanya.


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