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Emperors of Ergoth are the rulers of the Empire of Ergoth, and now Northern Ergoth. When an Emperor was to be crowned, they would wear the Arms of Ackal Ergoth during the ceremony.

Past Emperors of Ergoth

Ackal Dynasty

Six Years' Civil War between Ackal and Pakin loyalists. (2458 PC - 2452 PC).

Protectorship of Rykard Gonzakan (2391 PC - 2352 PC) was harsh rule by General Ganzakan, in the name of the Pakins.

The Successors' War (2395 PC - 2352 PC) was a war between Pakin and Ackal factions and their foreign allies for the throne.

  • Pakin IV (2352 PC - 2288 PC) was the Pakin Successor after The Successors' War.
  • Ackal VI (2288 PC - 2240 PC) was called "Ackal the Unlucky." He was the most revered of the Ackal emperors.
  • Ackal VII (2240 PC - 2193 PC) named Quivalin V his heir, since his wife couldn't bear him a child. Rebellion breaks out across Ergoth due to this choice. Ackal VII was the last of the Ackal and Pakins to rule.

Quivalin Dynasty

The Elder Line

The Younger Line

(1945 PC - 1905 PC) No known named ruler(s) during this time.

End of the Quevalin Line (1900 PC) There was a coup against the current Emperors, due to them being inept.

Quisling Dynasty

(1879 PC - 1812 PC) No known named ruler(s) during this time.

End of the Quisling line (1792 PC) Solamnus ends the Quisling line with the rebellion of Solamnia.

Numerous corrupt and ephemeral emperors. (1792 PC - c. 1234 PC)

Lekaer Dynasty

Gwynned Dynasty

Series of petty despots (1 AC - 30 AC)

Redic Dynasty


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