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The Emperor of the Imperial League is the ruler of the Imperial League of Minotaurs of Taladas. The Emperor is also known as the Emperor of the League and Emperor of The Minotaur League, and has the titles of Lord of the Conquered Lands and High Captain of the Horned Race.

Past Emperors of the League[]

  • Eragas the Brutish (? - ? AC) was the founder of the Imperial League. He was killed in battle by a small force of humans.
  • Ambeoutin I (? - ? AC) was the young son of Eragas who was put on the throne without any battles in the Arena, setting a new precedent. He led the Empire in taking over the rest of the human settlements.
  • Ambeoutin II (? - ? AC) was the third Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Bortold (? - ? AC) was the fourth Emperor of the Imperial League, who had numerous marshals under his command and fought to extend the borders of the empire.
  • Ambeoutin III (? - ? AC) was the fifth Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin IV (? - ? AC) was the sixth Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin V (? - ? AC) was the seventh Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin VI (? - ? AC) was the eighth Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin VII (? - ? AC) was the ninth Emperor of the Imperial League. A wise ruler, he added greatly to the Legal Codex of the League.
  • Ambeoutin VIII (? - ? AC) was the tenth Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin IX (? - ? AC) was the eleventh Emperor of the Imperial League.
  • Ambeoutin X (? - ? AC) was dethroned by his nephew Chaerias.
  • Ambeoutin XI (? - ? AC) was only a nephew to Ambeoutin X, but a direct descendant of Eragas. He first defeated his cousin Krasus in the Imperial Arena, and then slew his uncle shortly after for the throne.
  • Ambeoutin XII (? - 424 AC) a respected ruler, who along with his family (including his son and heir), Khultam IV, was killed during an earthquake that hit the great capital of Kristophan.

All of Ambeoutin XII's heirs and immediate family were killed in a great earthquake. Factions fought over the position.

Following the assassination of Rekhaz, a series of ascension wars took place between several key rivals, until it was ended in 427 AC.

Current Emperor of the League[]

  • Ambeoutin XIII ( 427 AC - Current AC) took his name after the wars of ascension in the hope of restoring peace.