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Ergoth is human empire founded by Ackal Ergot (Ackal I) in 2600 PC. Ackal I commissioned that the Iron Crown be built, and this is what the Emperor would wear when sitting on the throne of Ergoth. Ackal is said to have received a vision for building the glorious empire at World's Heart in the Sentinel Mountains. Ergoth was bordered by Hylo in the north, Kharolis to the southeast, and Silvanesti to the very far frontiers in the east. Most of Ergoth's coastline stretched from the Courrain Ocean in the northeast to the Turbidus Ocean at the height of its power.

Age of Dreams[]

The Empire of Ergoth became the most powerful nation on Ansalon in 2500 PC. From the time of the rise of power of the Empire, the Ackal Clan and Pakin Clan have been feuding constantly. These Emperors brought the nation to even greater heights, annexing Hylo as a vassal state, and taking all the lands of northern Ansalon. Eventually the lines of Ackal and Pakin were overthrown by the Quivalin Dynasty, ushering new, harsher leadership into the Empire.

In the autumn of 2421 PC, the Empire of Ergoth goes to war against Tarsis over Hylo trading rights. Ergoth wins this war by late summer of 2408 PC. This is just but one of many such conflicts between the two. In 2239 PC, the Empire and Silvanesti signed the Treaty of Thelgaard over the cloth trade.

During the Kinslayer War (2192 PC - 2140 PC), Ergoth wanted to expand into Silvanesti lands without the consent of the elven crown. Initially, minor border skirmishes began, but when assassins, thought to have been from Ergoth, killed the Speaker of the Stars Sithel, the crown prince Sithas declared war on Emperor Quivalin V. Kith-Kanan, Sithas's twin brother, led the Silvanesti armies against Ergoth's armies under the command of General Giarna. After many years of warfare, the Empire of Ergoth was defeated at the cost of many thousands of lives on both sides.

In the year 1801 PC, a rebellion began in the Vingaard province of the Ergothian Empire. Praetor Vinas Solamnus was sent to crush the rebellion and restore peace to the Empire. When Solamnus arrived in 1800 PC, the rebels convinced him to listen to their cause. After reviewing their grievances, Solamnus and most of his staff decided to join with the rebels against the Emperor of Ergoth, Emann Quisling, who had become a tyrant. So began the Rose Rebellion.

From 1799 PC - 1791 PC, Solamnus battled the forces of Ergoth. He allied with the dwarves, kender and elves to assist him in freeing their people. In 1791 PC, Solamnus's forces besieged the capital of Daltigoth, where he discovered that the Emperor and a black robe lich have been raising the dead to fight Solamnus's forces. Solamnus was captured after trying to kill Empress Phrygia; he was tortured, tried, and condemned to death, but luckily was rescued and was able to lead his troops to victory, capturing the city of Daltigoth. Emperor Emann Quisling signed over all lands east of Thelgaard to Solamnus, effectively ending the dominance of the Empire of Ergoth forever.

During the Third Dragon War (1060 PC - 1018 PC), Ergoth's power had sunk to new lows under the leadership of Emperor Bestell III. The Empire stayed out of the war until the year 1018 PC, when General Guy Avondale met Huma Dragonbane. Following their meeting, the army of Ergoth marched to Vingaard Keep to assist in the final battle against Takhisis's forces, bringing back some of the old Empires' glory.

Age of Might[]

Things were relatively quiet until 19 PC, during the Lost Wars, when Serl Kar-thon led an attack on the Tower of High Sorcery in Daltigoth . He planted a pine nut in the ground and a large black tree grew up, allowing his forces to move through the defensive grove around the tower. However, when his forces had breached the Tower and were near to capturing it, the wizards destroyed their tower in an immense blast, destroying one quarter of the city and killing thousands of people.


With the coming of the Cataclysm, the rest of the Empire of Ergoth was shattered. The seas rose and swallowed about one-third of their land; Ergoth was divided into several parts, including Northern Ergoth, Cristyne, Enstar, Nostar, and Southern Ergoth.

Laws and Justice[]

The first law set down by Ackal I was to pursue a fleeing enemy until they are utterly destroyed. There was a law created by Ackal Dermount that if any warlord lives when his horde was defeated, he would soon be executed. Ackal I also made it so that no male can be with the Empress alone, while Ackal V made it so she would also have to wear a veil when around men.

Justice is handed down by imperial officials, not a jury. The emperor is at the top and his very word is law, while below him are his marshals who enforce this law. Marshals are attended by wardens, whose number in each Hundred varies according to the population. At the lowest level are the baliffs, which are usually Riders of the Great Horde which are appointed for a certain task such as catching an outlaw or investigating a murder.


Some of the major trade commodities are large quantities of food, cattle, leather, textiles, and wine. There were large farming operations going on in the western part of the Empire.


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