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Emre are ostrich-like birds. Their feathers look more like brown, shaggy hair than feathers. They stand about four to five feet tall and can weigh about two hundred pounds. Emre can be found in plains of northern Ansalon, Schallsea, Estwilde, and further east.


Goblins have been known to domesticate Emre for meat and to use as mounts. The Wemitowuk of Schallsea also use Emre as mounts and pack animals.

Kender Tales[]

Emre have been described as flightless birds, but the Emre of Schallsea were said to be capable of short bursts of flight (even with a rider). It is possible that the Emre of Schallsea are larger than normal allowing the humans to ride them and for the Emre to take flight, but this is speculative.