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Enkian Tumult (? - 2401 PC) was an Ergothian Noble who was a descendant of the esteemed Mordirin line. He served under Pakin III as a general, and following the death of Lord Odovar in 2416 PC, he was elevated to the station of Marshal of the Eastern Hundred. The noble was a tall and lean man, who was pale-skinned and had black hair and dark brown eyes. A cold and officious man, Enkian tended to look down his nose on any who was not of noble blood.

On becoming Marshal of the Eastern Hundred, Lord Enkian Tumult offered the lad Tol of Juramona, his pick of commands, given that the young man had gained the notice of Crown Prince Amaltar. However Tol chose to command the footmen of the Eastern Hundred, a role that Enkian thought was foolish and yet well deserved for the lucky peasant. Two short years after the campaign, the Crown Prince summoned Enkian to Daltigoth, and he led his forces back to the capital, along with Tol and his footmen, whose presence was specifically requested by the prince. On the road to Daltigoth, Enkian's convoy was waylaid by Morthur Dermount and his retainers. The capricious nobleman used his magic to immobilize Enkian and his men, however he was undone and killed by Tol of Juramona. Lord Enkian accorded Tol much more respect after the rescue, determining that the young man was far more than just a lucky peasant. Once in Daltigoth, Enkian learned that Tol (now called Tolandruth) had been awarded the Order of the Silver Saber and was now the Commander of the Horse Guards. Therefore Enkian was forced to lose Tolandruth from his service, and also released the Juramona footmen into Tol's care, before departing back to Juramona to govern his province.

During the war against Tarsis, Enkian criticized Regent Amaltar's leadership. This proved to be a disastrous career move for the general, who was removed from the position of Marshal of the Eastern Hundred, which was given to the nobleman Egrin Raemel. Enkian was instead assigned to the role of Warden of Seascapes, a northwestern province that was turbulent and filled with fighting. Later in 2401 PC, Lord Enkian was summoned back to the capital to pay his respects to Pakin III, who had passed away, and also to witness the coronation of Crown Prince Amaltar to the throne. He took five thousand men with him, and rode to Daltigoth, where he called a halt to his army at Verdant Isle, just beyond the outer limits of the city.

Lord Tolandruth was sent by Emperor Ackal IV to meet with Lord Enkian to learn of his intentions. When Tolandruth spoke with Enkian, the Warden was surprised that the emperor would question why he brought his men. Enkian told that he had been contacted shortly after the death of Pakin III about a plot by the Pakins to assume the throne of Ergoth, and to bring his army to oust the rebels and protect the Ackals. Tolandruth advised Enkian about how he had slain his son and also that there was a deeper conspiracy afoot, and that there was no Pakin plot.

Enkian accepted Tolandruth's words and allowed him to depart, accepting that the general only served his duty faithfully, and did not willingly seek the death of his son Pelladrom. Shortly after Tolandruth's departure, the priest Jarabee snuck into Enkian's tent and murdered the lord.


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