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Enstar is a human island located south of Southern Ergoth, west of Qualinesti, and northwest of Nostar. Its major geographical features are the Sirrion Sea on its western and southern border, with the Straits of Algoni to the east of it. The island is mostly flat grassland.


When the Cataclysm struck, Enstar broke away from the Empire of Ergoth. Enstar was most likely part of the Coastal Hundred, the Last Hundred, and the Southern Hundred from the Empire's former lands. Due to Enstar's isolation, not much is known about it.

Age of Despair

During the Chaos War, shadow wights attacked Enstar. The wights apparently destroyed every village with the exception of Hovost, though there may be a few remote villages that survived.

Age of Mortals

Nothing much is really known about the lands of Enstar in the Age of Mortals. It is a very remote and it is rumored that shadow wights still in habit the island.



Geographical Features

Mystical and Holy Sites