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Erastin Rivenguard (? - ?) was known to be 6' tall and weighed nearly 200 pounds. He was handsome, well proportioned, with long dark hair and a typical drooping mustache, as all Knights of Solamnia are known to wear.

Erastin was a Knight of the Crown that was very dedicated to the Knighthood, hoping to one day become a Knight of the Rose. From this dedication, people saw Erastin as being stodgy or even haughty, but with a good heart, quick wit, and relaxed manner which earned him a lot of friends.

Early Life[]

Erastin, born and grew up in the port city of Witdel, and was from a family known to produce soldiers for the Knighthood. Eventually the Knighthood agreed to allow a person from the Rivenguard family to try for the Knighthood, in honor of their years of dedicated loyalty.

When Erastin was old enough to speak, he was taught to recite the Oath before bed and studied the Measure during the day. For this, Erastin was able to know about the Measure than some of his fellow, more experienced Knights.

Physical requirements had to also be met, so the family hired Targin Steelaxe to train him in the art of fighting. Not only did Targin teach him the chivalric forms of combat of the Knighthood, but also taught him the 'dirty' tactics of a mercenary. Erastin, Targin, and Erastin's childhood sweetheart Galenye Faelern took up arms and adventured together for a time. They gathered more companions including Karathos, Jilani, Siriath Leafwine, Obsidian Fireforge, Pentrian the Rabbit, and Selowen. Thanks to all of these companions of Erastin's, he was able to achieve his dream of becoming a knight and valued them highly.

Erastin traveled throughout Ansalon on his mighty warhorse and surrounded by his close friends. He wanted to attain the next rank of Knight of the Sword, and was known to have been looking for a job to do so. He assisted in finding Brightblade and Flint's Axe. He learned that both items were part of a prophecy regarding Kiri-Jolith's symbolic return to Krynn. He researched the prophecy behind that with the assistance from the wizard Rikar, who believed that he must retrieve Huma's Shield also for the prophecy.