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Ergoth was once a great nation that was sundered in two during the Cataclysm. Most of the Ergothians survived on Northern Ergoth, however the former residents of Southern Ergoth were nearly wiped out. The onrush of invading Ogres led to the complete retreat of almost all humans from Southern Ergoth entirely. The only humans who remain on Southern Ergoth are the Solamnics of Castle Eastwatch.

Early Ergothians

The first Ergothians were descendants of the Nerakese, since their founder Ackal Ergot was a Nerakese himself. The native Ergothians were always a dark-skinned people, with dark hair and eyes. The early Ergothians were known to be fierce warriors, and skilled in horsemanship. They were also prone to violence and savagery, many of the nobility being little more than tyrants and petty warlords. They were led by the Emperor of Ergoth who ruled the mighty nation with an iron fist. The Ergothian Empire was considered one of the most powerful nations in pre-Cataclysmic times.

Ergoth Proper

Ergoth Proper is the empire's home in Northern Ergoth. It remains as the seat of power for the nation. The native residents have the same physical features as their ancestors, although a strong Solamnic migration into Ergoth has also caused brought about a new range of skin tones and hair colors. Some Ergothians are now born with blond hair and blue eyes, and paler skin tones, albeit they are not as prevalent as those of darker tones. Ergothians are focused on order and stations in life. They have been known to assassinate those in their way of ascending the social ladder or above their designated station. This feudal nation allows it's males of noble blood to rise to any station they choose, however females are not allowed to have much of a say in anything. Those not of noble blood must toil the earth and do the work of the nobility in order to keep a roof over their heads. Ergothians are ruled by a strong Senate, which in itself answers to the Emperor. The Ergothians have long been ruled by the wise Mercadior Redic VI.


The folk of Wild Ackal are an unruly lot. There are four major villages in Ackal, and each has a tribal chief. The four tribes are united under the banner of the Overchief, whose word is law amongst all the tribes. In appearance, the Ackalites look exactly the same as the original Ergothians or pre-Cataclysmic times. They are a strongly patriarchal society, who believes that women are merely the properties of their fathers, until they bear a child, and then become the property of their baby's father. The males are all hunters and warriors who are almost permanently dressed in leathers, ready for battle and always armed. Women are dressed in long robes and veils and are not allowed to ever cut their hair. The Ackal villages are Ker-Brindal, Ker-Tran, Ker-Vakt, and Ker-Karthan. The only other settlement is Beacon, which is home to Ackalites from all four villages and is the headquarters of the Overchief. The ruling Overchief of the Ackalites has been Tambov Reknal for quite some time.

Sikk'et Hul

In the goblin nation of Sikk'et Hul, lies the barbarian village of Ker-Manth. Like the other Ergothian nations, the Ker-Manth folk look physically the same. Their demeanor however, is strikingly different. The barbarians are a casual peaceful lot, who are happy to trade openly with the Goblins of Sikk'et Hul and the Kender of Hylo. The goblins are more than happy to trade with the humans and consider them loose allies of their nation, since they provide them with good weapons in trade.


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