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Eriane (PC ? - PC ?) was a female Elf enchantress, who followed neither good nor evil. She became one of a group of sorcerers called The Three, who during the Second Dragon War, cast a spell to destroy the dragons. The spell went out of control, causing earthquakes, wild fires, and massive storms that flooded the lands. Along with Corenthas and Shaud, she hid in a tower, called the Citadel of Mysteries, which was taken by the Gods of Magic to the realm of the gods. In this tower, which became known as the Lost Citadel, she was taught the art of High Sorcery.

She was slain in an attack by Goblins during construction of the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth, but it is also reported that she was killed by Kistilan, one of the Favored Ones. Kharro became head of the Red Robes after her death.

Kender Tales[]

In most sources it is said that The Three were all elven, but it is also reported that Corenthas went to the Human lands to find the other two sorcerers, so she could be human.


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