Eshebala is a princess of the Abyss. She is noted as one of the most influential of the female demons and for being the Goddess of werefoxes. Her brother is Daragor.


Eshebala appears as a foxwoman, a shapely fur covered female with a fox's head or as a young elf maiden. she wears loose fitting black robe and a golden crown.


Eshebala is worshipped by werefoxes.


Eshebala was once Mammon's favored consort. However this realationship changed when Mammon sided against Takhisis during the Reckoning. Mammon slunk back to the Queen of Darkness and Eshebala was taken from him and placed as queen of the werefoxes.

Eshebala arrived on a palanquin carried by lesser demons and took control of Vulgarea. Now that Eshebala has risen to the rank of deity she has power and influence. The other lords fear her but Eshebala has plots and plans of her own.

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