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Estwilde is a mostly-human tribal nation that covers a long and narrow region stretching from Kalaman Bay in the absolute northern reaches of Ansalon, and then spreading downwards and ending at the New Sea in the central part of the continent of Ansalon. The region is bordered by Lemish, Throt and Nightlund on it's western border, Taman Busuk on it's eastern side, and Nordmaar on it's northeast border. The humans of Estwilde are split between the natives who hail from the Lor-Tai tribe, the cannibals of the Lahutian tribe, the wild mountain barbarians of Estwilde, and the civilised folk of the South Shore. Most outsiders deal with the mountain barbarians, who offer themselves as foot soldiers and mercenaries to those with enough money to hire their services.

Estwilde is a landlocked area that, in the Age of Mortals, is mostly swampy and mountainous. The Astivar Mountains and the Woods of Lahue are located in the northeastern part of the land, the Dargaard Mountains form the western border between Estwilde and Nightlund, the Singing Mountains are in the south, and the Khalkist Mountains are south and east. Estwilde is a land of stark terrain with many vast and desolate stretches, and seldom does it rain.

Age of Dreams

Before the Cataclysm, Estwilde was located along the way from Knightlund to Istar. It was a land of rugged foothills, pine forests, and high mountains and was infamous for its dangerous inhabitants.

Age of Despair

In the early years following the Cataclysm, Estwilde was often where skirmishes and border fights were played out between the forces of Solamnia and those of Taman Busuk. During the War of the Lance, the Dragonarmies invaded the Estwilde region from Taman Busuk, quickly conquering the realm and turning it into an ally to the dark armies. The invasion really didn't affect the people of the land much, and the Dragonarmies used the land to build up and train their forces, while launching attacks upon Solamnia.

Age of Mortals

Prior to the Age of Mortals, the land was split into three parts: Qlettaar ("Midland"), Qwalmish ("North Shore"), and Qwermish ("South Shore"). When the Dragon Overlords came to Ansalon in the new age, Fenalysten took Qlettaar and Lorrinar took Qwalmish. Whilst all three realms are still technically part of the Estwilde region, only Qwermish is truly considered to be still part of Estwilde in the Age of Mortals.




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