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The Eusymmeas Fountain was a huge reflecting pool of rose amber and one of the oldest monuments of the city of Istar. It was in the northern quarter of the city. The centerpiece of the monument was a statue depicting the death of Istar's last warlord, Vemior, when the clergy rose up against him. The statue shows Vemior dying of the poison he drank in the first Kingpriest Symeon I's arms. Symeon face in the statue is sorrowful even though most historians doubt he was.

It has also been called the Plaza of the Eusymmeas or simply Eusymmeas.

Neutral Ground[]

The Eusymmeas was used as neutral ground between the Wizards of High Sorcery and Istar in 20 PC. Representatives from Solamnia and Ergoth were also present. What should have been a peaceful meeting ended in a battle when a magical duplicate in the form of the Cleric Suvin controlled by the Black Robe Andras Rannoch stabbed the Kingpriest Beldinas Pilofiro. Many died in the battle including the Highmage Vincil da Jevra.