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The kingdom of Falthana was a human nation located north of Midrath and Seldjuk. Most of the nation was surrounded by the Courrain Ocean and covered in jungle with the Worldscap Mountains dominating the landscape, the tallest mountains on all of Ansalon. Falthana's capital was the city Karthay.

Age of Might

Durring the Annexation War, the Empire of Istar defeated the kingdom of Falthana, along with Western Dravinaar and Seldjuk. Falthana thus became Istar's northernmost province. While under the rule of Istar, Karthay competed against Istar in everything, mostly in trading. There was no love lost between Istar and Karthay. Their major export was mahogany wood. The people are known to have forked beards that they dye.


Following the Cataclysm Falthana was no more. Most of Falthana was sunk by the fiery mountain, into the Blood Sea of Istar and the Courrain Ocean. What is left is a small island off northeastern Ansalon named after the ruined city of Karthay.




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