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The Fanatics of Hith are one of the factions that serve within the Army of Thenol, that comprises of the religious extremists of the church of Hith. Being fanatics, if the army fails too often, they may believe that the favor of Hith is no longer with them, and are prone to leave a cause. The Bishop of Hith must therefore only use the fanatics where their presence will mean the difference between failure and success, or where success is certain, so as to continue to boost them to his banner.

The Fanatics are led by officers who hail from their own ranks, and are usually the most charismatic speakers amongst their number. The leaders of this faction are often secreted away by the priests of Hith, if they become too powerful or popular amongst the people, in case they ultimately pose a threat to the Bishop of Hith, in vying for the seat of power.

There is no particular uniform for the Fanatics of Hith, as they all take a vow of poverty and turn all their possessions over to the church when they join. The average soldier wears little more than a brimless cap and ragged clothes which are dyed yellow as a sign of their faith. They also wield either swords or spears, having neither the skill or training to use much else. The officers of the Fanatics of Hith often wield high-quality weapons and wear fine armor, but do not openly display any sign of wealth. The Fanatics are offensive berserkers that fight madly for their cause, and do not care about losses on the field of battle. The Fanatics will follow the most persuasive of their officers at a whim, which is often the downfall of this faction, as the officers often have limited or no military training and can sometimes lead a charge of Fanatics into certain doom.


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