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Faros Es-Kalin (ca 395 AC-Present) is the second of four children, belonging to the Minotaur clan of Kalin, which Chot Es-Kalin, emperor of the minotaurs since 348 AC to 419 AC, was a member of. In most physical respects he is an average minotaur, with brown fur, brown eyes, and a normal stature. However, he would develop a fearsome aloof aura that made him an impressive person to behold, along with a face that was perpetual scowled and scarred. This back is crisscrossed in scars from years of being a slave. His symbol is the red condor.

His father was Gradic Es-Kalin, the youngest brother of Chot (therefore Faros is Chot's nephew), and his mother was unnamed but presumably present in his life. He had an elder brother, Crespos Es-Kalin, and two younger siblings, his brother Tupo Es-Kalin and sister Resdia Es-Kalin. His servant Bek was also a confidant of his.

Early Life[]

Faros was presumably born in Nethosak, but not much is known of his childhood. Before the Night of Blood in 318 AC, he was a mostly carefree youth who spent a good deal of his time drinking and gambling. On the Night of Blood, however, that all changed. Returning home from his gallivanting, he saw his house beginning to be consumed by flames, and saw Assassins in the upper floors. He came into the house and witnessed the bodies of his younger siblings and mother, as well as some guards. He found the body of his brother Crespos, and later came upon Bek, his trusted servant, still alive and well. He stayed to hear his father's dying words and then fled the house with Bek.

Into the sewers they fled, and emerged in the port. Soon, however, the fanatical Protectors, militant wing of the dark Forerunner Cult, discovered them. Bek convinced them that he was Faros and spared the true Faros from death, instead sending him on a dark path of imprisonment and slavery.


Faros was sent to the volcanic prison mining colony of Vyrox to work as a slave laborer there. He was watched over by the cruel Paug, who flew into frenzy at the slightest infractions. A black minotaur named Japfin began to harass Faros, but he was rescued by the strange outer colony minotaur Ulthar, who was covered in tattoos.

Faros has an excursion to the mines, not his first, but during it he experiences an eruption and witnesses the cruelty of the guards when they refuse to look for prisoners after saving only the guards. Faros and Ulthar later became the bearers of the corpses of fallen miners. This as well continued to scar Faros. He was pinned under some rocks during a collapse but Ulthar and Japfin helped him out. Faros and Ulthar were assigned to the processing station, where it was their task to whittle down ore until the metal could be extracted. Faros witnesses the former Patriarch of House Droka (the house of Emperor Hotak de-Droka) arrive in Vyrox, exiled by his Emperor and kinsman. That day, Faros was sent to the worst of fates; the pit, where he had to catch ore baskets and send them down to be smelted. The intense heat made it the most dreaded of jobs. Itonus de-Droka, the former Patriarch, tells Faros and Ulthar that they will be summoned for a meeting about an escape plan. Itonus tells them of his plan, and Faros agrees readily. Faros got ready to execute the plan as Ulthar retrieved a hidden dagger. The plan has a close call, but the prisoners are freed from their shackles and attack the guards. They made their way to the armory and got weapons for the increasing number of resisting prisoners. However, Maritia de-Droka took command of the defense and began a counterattack. Maritia engaged Japfin in combat, and during it he slew the commander of Vyrox and Maritia's bodyguard, but she slew him in the end.

As the fires spread and smoke enveloped the camp, Faros engaged in the melee but he might as well have been striking at ghosts as he could see little. When it appeared as though they had won, Bastionihotaki de-Droka (Maritia's brother) arrived with reinforcements. As Ulthar and Paug engaged in single combat, Faros was distracted by another fight. Soon after, Paug kill Ulthar with a cheap shot, and afterwards Faros went into a rage that would become characteristic of him in later battles. Faros killed Paug in turn and soon after was knocked unconscious. The prisoners are rounded up for a new destination, ten times as worse as Vyrox. They were sent to the Ogres, with whom the minotaurs had entered an alliance with, to be used as slaves. They were forced to row a great galley without the aid of wind all the way to the mainland. Faros became like the walking dead, but his mind was ravaged by thoughts of everything that had happened to him.

The Mainland[]

When Faros is next seen, it is two years later in 421 AC, after he has endured two years of living hell under the ogres. He has managed to escape and it has been about a week since he has done so. There were a number of ogres out searching for him, under the command of the viciously cruel taskmaster Sahd. He went back to his hiding place and found an escaped minotaur dying there. In a gesture representing how he has changed so much, Faros leaves the cave when the slave slips into unconsciousness, uncaring of the other prisoner. Faros killed an ogre he encountered for reasons of revenge alone; he is propelled by a bloodlust to kill like never before. Faros encountered some ogres chasing escapes prisoners, and moved to attack them, not to save the prisoners but to kill the ogres. Their names are Valun and Grom, and they escape with Faros. Faros tried to get them to leave, but soon changed his mind and believed they might be useful to him. Faros has a flashback to a cruel whipping Sahd had given him that broke something inside of him. Faros and his group make an excursion to the ogre camp; they only managed to burn down a hut before they were forced to leave. Another raid yielded supplies and a number of freed slaves. A third raid overtook the camp, with all the supplies and slaves in it becoming his, and Faros was able to slay Sahd himself.

He and his small army overcame a caravan that bore minotaur goods and escorted by two minotaur officers. This would attract the attention of the Grand Lord Golgren. Faros attacked two more camps and freed all the slaves, swelling his army to greater sizes and began to incorporate in it Humans, Half Elves, Dwarves, and even a few renegade ogres. Faros encountered a force of ogres and his army slew them; in it, he displayed his characteristic berserker rage and killed many ogres personally. During the battle, however, Valun was killed. Faros went to battle with a minotaur legion; however, he manages to get many of them to turn on their former compatriots and join his cause, further swelling the ranks. Nephera de-Droka, the High Priestess of the cult of the Forerunners, attacked Faros with a strange undead creature; in a riverbed Faros found a sword sacred to Sargonnas and used it to slay the creature. He also received the ring that protected General Rahm Es-Hestos, a late rebel leader. He met up with the rebels formerly commanded by Rahm, and stayed with them for a time. Grom and Jubal (an interim leader of the rebels) tried to convince him to merge their armies for a greater force, but he did not readily agree to it. However, Golgren soon attacked Faros, and as the battle raged Faros found himself in single combat with Golgren. The other rebel group appeared and reinforced Faros; soon, Golgren killed Jubal. Faros then sliced off Golgren's hand, and the ogre lord retreated. After Faros took command of the combined rebels, a new minotaur joined his ranks; the son of the now slain Emperor Hotak, Bastion, who was thought to have been lost at sea.

The Climax of the War[]

A few months later, Faros holed himself up in an old temple, where he awaited a legion's attack. The legion was soundly defeated, and Faros made what will later become a mistake in refusing to burn the enemies' bodies. Faros was met by the returned god Sargonnas, who asked him to become his champion and restore the Minotaur Empire to glory and honor again. Faros was unwilling at this point, hateful of Sargonnas. Grom had disobeyed Faros's orders and began burning the bodies of the enemy; doing so, he had caught a plague brought on by Nephera and her god Morgion. Grom would die as the plague spread throughout the ranks, and soon Faros himself caught it. After he gave in to Sargonnas's demands and agreed to make war on the empire, he was cured, and so was everyone else, with the spread of the plague also eliminated. Using blessed speaking crows from Sargas, Faros sent messages to his subordinates telling them of the attack on the empire he has planned.

Faros led his army to the rebel navy that he had summoned and met up with Captains Botanos and Tinza. His army sailed back towards the isles and he thwarted an attack from the undead minions of Nephera. Faros met with others who had no love for Ardnor de-Droka, the reigning and corrupt Minotaur Emperor, and united them under him. In a massive storm, Faros went overboard but was rescued by Zeboim, ending up in the lands of the Kazelati, strange minotaurs who worship Kiri-Jolith. They cared for the rebels briefly, restock their ships, and guided them back to familiar waters. Faros asked of the Sea Queen to speed them on their way to the empire, and she does so, at great speeds that threatened to break the ships. She lands them in an unfavorable position near Mito, and they are pitted in a naval battle which they easily win. They attacked Mito, but it is a feint to draw attention away from the assault on Mithas. Faros seized a coastal outpost and progresses towards Nethosak. Faros began his attack and met the first legion of resistance, the Ruby Legion, which he defeats and then progresses on towards Nethosak. Faros encountered the Warhorse Legion commanded by Maritia, which retreats from him. However, the Emperor with his fanatical soldiers of the Onyx Legion soon attacked him. During the battle, Ardnor's dark magic spread a magical plague among the rebels. Faros engaged Ardnor in single combat. He nearly severed the Emperor's head, but by Morgion's dark power it sealed itself. Faros, with the aid of Sargonnas, killed Ardnor and entered Nethosak. The citizenry turn on the defenders of the city and supported Faros and the rebels. Faros killed Nephera, again with Sargonnas's aid.

By Sargonnas's decree, Maritia and Faros were married, and Faros was made Emperor of minotaurs, ruling over the imperium. With this new position, he gains possession of the famed Crown of Toroth and the Axe of Makel Ogrebane. He also takes the personal symbol of the red condor, in honor of Sargas. Faros is the currently reigning Emperor, and attempting to consolidate power over the former Silvanesti lands. He was still in power as of 430 AC.


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