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Ferro Dunskull (? - 423 AC) was a Daergar Dwarf who was from the underground dwarven realm of Thorbardin and was employed by Jungor Stonesinger. He was a white-skinned, black haired, copper bearded dwarf, who served as a spy to Jungor in the court of Daergar Thane, Shahar Bellowsmoke.

Ferro also hired a force of Draconians to kill Tarn Bellowgranite as he journeyed back to Thorbardin from Pax Tharkas. He promised the Sivak Draconian General Zen, that he could have Skullcap to use if he killed Tarn. During the battle, a force of dwarves lead by General Otaxx Shortbeard pushed the draconians back. Ferro was forced to order his men to kill all the draconians to keep his dealings with the draconians secret. Following the killing of the draconians, Zen promised to kill Ferro for his treachery.

Jungor employed Ferro in a variety of matters but mainly to be used to assassinate political rivals. He also gave Ferro a variety of titles such as Chief of Intelligence and Master of Scouts. Ferro was a key planner in Stonesinger's Rebellion and recruited many Daergar to the side of Jungor. Jungor used Ferro in his attempt to kill Tarn and place the blame on Shahar. Prior to the attempt Ferro killed, Tarn's captain of the guard, Ghash Grisbane. He then mistaken the draconian Zen, for Marith Darkforge and was killed by Zen.


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