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Fester (? AC - ? AC) was an Aghar Dwarf known to have a bulbous nose, ratty brown hair, dumpy figure, few teeth, mud-brown eyes, and a rounded face. She took the title of Queen of the Gully Dwarves, and for this she wears a nice blue robe and a Wand of Wonder as a scepter. Sometimes when she would wave around the wand and issued commands or requests to her subjects, special things would happen, unknown to her that it was magical.

Fester has an air of leadership, kind, quiet, but was proud of her followers, and became very angry when her followers were harmed.

Pre-War of the Lance[]

Prior to the War of the Lance, Fester was the consort to Nomscul over Mudhole. In 346 AC, two dwarves named Flint Fireforge and Perian Cyprium appeared in their city. Nomscul named them King and Queen because of a prophecy and Fester became Perian's lady-in-waiting or 'weighty lady'.

Following the death of Perian in the Battle of Hillhome, Fester and Nomscul became the new King and Queen over the gully dwarves. Together they ruled for two years before Nomscul stepped down, and Fester became sole ruler.

War of the Lance[]

When the War of the Lance broke out, Fester sided with the forces of Good. Highbulp Nomscul slept through most of the war, but Fester did her best by sending out spies, raiders, and skirmish parties to harass the Dragonarmies. Her people do not get the recognition it deserves for its part in the war though.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war, Fester served as Queen longer than any other dwarf had. All 300 Aghar in Mudhole love and respected her for being Queen and watching over them. She took much advice from her First Husband and the Highbulp, Nomscul.


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