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Fianawar Dwarves are a clan of mountain Dwarves that live in the northern parts of the Steamwall Mountains of Southern Hosk. The Fianawar generally live upon the surface of the mountains tending their farms, or just below the surface, working in their ore mines.


The Fianawar have the same origins as the dwarves of Ansalon, hailing from Gnomes that were altered by the Graygem of Gargath. The newly turned dwarves wandered southwards of the Aurim Empire and forged a new nation under the Steamwall Mountains. The dwarves discovered iron ore in the mountains, setting up a series of mines to draw it out of the rock. The Fianawar also had frequent skirmishes with the Hobgoblins and other denizens of the mountains, but otherwise lived in peace.

The Great Destruction brought about a complete change for the Fianawar. As the mountains shifted, whole caverns were brought low, whilst lava and poisonous fumes wiped clear underground communities and mine shafts. The dwarves found themselves forced to the surface and setup camps around the entrances to their former underground homes.

A series of failed ventures back into the caverns over the course of the last few centuries had made the Fianawar realise that they can never return underground, and they have since established a series of aboveground settlements. The houses of the Fianawar are set along the cliffs near their old settlements, and they are small and squat stone structures. The villages of the Fianawar are filled with not only their squat houses but also stables; workshops, granaries, and several open ore pit mines. Farmlands surround most Fianawar settlements, and they are known to primarily grow root vegetables, being only passable farmers, at best.


The average Fianawar dwarf stands between four and a half to five foot tall, and they are leaner than most other dwarves. They bear the long beards that their kind are known for, as well as being generally stocky and muscular. Fianawar dwarves have fair complexions, albeit their skin is generally covered beneath layers of dirt and coal smoke.

Being products of their environment, the Fianawar dwarves rarely bathe, having little in the way of clean water. Their general manners are also poor, and refuse can be found all over their houses. The clothes of the Fianawar are stiffy and reek of sulphur, as they are washed in the sulphur-filled streams of the Steamwall Mountains.

Male Fianawar dwarves wear leather pants, linen shirts, thick boots and leather aprons. Whilst female Fianawar dwarves are often garbed in long linen dresses. For all their general filth, Fianawar dwarves are known to be skilled in making armor and weapons. In battle, Fianawar dwarves have full suits of field plate or chain mail, as well as boar spears and hefty swords.

List of Fianawar Dwarf


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