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Fire Minions are large fiery humanoids that are believed to come from the Elemental Plane of Fire. Although they can assume any form they wish, the horned, fanged and standing between seven to nine feet tall humanoid is preferred. They are quick and fluid in their movements, and speak in hissing voices on the rare occasions that they talk with non-elementals. Fire minions give off extreme heat, and use flaming longswords in battle. They are recognized as the primary servants of the god Hith on Taladas, and are also known as Flame Dancers.

In 425 AC, the fire minions were approached by the reincarnated Maladar an-Desh who tried to recruit them to serve him, however they turned him away. Later the same year, Maladar returned to Hitehkel and faced the minions again. Bolstered with an army of Kheten Voi, Maladar again petitioned the fire minions to serve him, and this time they complied. The great sorcerer had both an army of stone and an army of fire at his beckoning.


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