The Forestmaster is a unicorn that lives in Darken Wood. She is said to live in the Unicorn Grove and is the leader of all the creatures of Darken Wood including the Centaurs that live there and pegasi. The Forestmaster is known to have great wisdom, a deep voice, silver fur covering her body, a single ivory horn comes out of her head, and is is said to be as old as the forest.

Age of Dreams

In the earlier ages of Krynn, the Forestmaster was the master of the deep wooded realm of Mithranhana and was served by the Keeper of the Forest. She communicated with the spirits of the forest, and always acted in the interest of the land and the animals. In 2193 PC, she showed herself to Kith-Kanan, to enlist his aid in driving out the human interlopers in the forest.

War of the Lance

During the great War of the Lance, she had her centaurs capture the Heroes of the Lance when they wandered into Darken Wood. She met with the Heroes and listened to their story of the war coming to her lands. She allows the Heroes to leave to continue on with their journey and asks her pegasi to take them to Xak Tsaroth.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, Paladine came to the Forestmaster and asked her to not have her followers attack any of Takhisis's minions. He told her of his agreement to let Takhisis take over Ansalon so that all could fight Chaos together. Some centaurs rebelled and were kicked out of the tribes when they went against the Forestmaster's wishes and killed some of Takhisis's minions.

Post Chaos War

Following the Chaos War, the Forestmaster was captured by Chrethon for a Chaos Creature named Grimbough. It used her magical abilities to corrupt more and more of Darken Wood, turning her followers in to its own creatures. Chrethon would slit her throat, but time and time again she would come back to life. Her body wasted away, and she was kept in a briar of thorns that were imbedded in her body. Chrethon eventually gets a hold of Soulsplitter, and was chipping away at her horn, which is the only way she could be killed.

Finally, with the help of Dezra Majere and Caramon Majere, the Forestmaster was freed. Caramon paid with his life in saving her, but the Forestmaster brought him back to life. The Forestmaster continues ruling over Darken Wood to this day.


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