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Fortalia (? - ? AC) was a Black Robe mage who had designs to increase her power and strength by creating creatures in a manner similar to the Draconian creation process, that was utilized during the War of the Lance. Following the war, Fortalia located a Red Dragon egg, which she stole from the lair of two dragons and brought it back to one of her own homes. To ensure the safety of the egg, the mage hid it away in a minor dwelling, whilst she herself remained in her primary home.

The black-robe used her magic on the dragon egg, to attempt to warp the creature into a draconic servant that would be utterly loyal to her. However before Fortalia could entirely complete the process, her main home was located by the two dragons whose egg she had stolen. The pair of red dragons killed Fortalia and ransacked her home, however they were not able to find the egg, nor Fortalia's secondary lair.

The result of Fortalia's magical rites was the miniature red dragon Poresche, which was hatched later and discovered by the mage Calandria.


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