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On the northern border between the realms of Blöde and Zhakar, lies the black stone structure known as Fortress Oberon. A cylindrical tower that is taller than it is wide, six large spires are set at its peak. A path through the Khalkist Mountains leads directly to the fortress and the only access to the great keep is via a large drawbridge that opens directly onto the path.

The fortress was home to an independent ogre tribe who did not swear fealty to the king of Blöten. In the Age of Despair, the fortress gained some notoriety when a mysterious warlord known as Oberon, who the tower was named after, led the Ogres. Oberon himself did not exist, but a handmaiden of Takhisis created the mythical warlord. During the Age of Despair, a young warrior by the name of Duulket Ariakas stormed the fortress and learnt the truth of Oberon. After Ariakas left the tower, it is unknown who inhabits the fortress or whether it still stands abandoned amidst the mighty peaks of the Khalkists.


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