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Founderstone of Palanthas was a stone that pulsed with a pinkish light that used to be own by Balgard Hammerfell and Brimbar Hammerfell twenty-five generations ago. The stone was taken from the Hammerfell Clan by the people of Palanthas, who then also had it stolen by the Thieves' Guild of Palanthas. The stone wasn't seen or heard from again for many years.

On the Night of Black Hammers in Darkember 27, 417 AC, the Founderstone was found again by the Knights of Takhisis and given back to the city of Palanthas. Kharzog Hammerfell, the last of the Hammerfells in Palanthas, wanted the stone back but wasn't allowed to have it back. When Kharzog was killed, Caelthalas Elbernarian takes the Founderstone and imbeds it permanently into his grave where it rests to this day.


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