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Fungifolk Beaters are a race of intelligent fungus that was created accidentally by the Zhakar. In the early days of the mold disease the Zhakar attempted to isolate the first victims from the rest of the community and sealed them in a cavern. These victims eventually died, but not before their bodies became entwined with fungus. The fungus then evolved by consuming the bodies of the dead Zhakar. The new fungus that was created was intelligent, chaotic, and poisonous.

The Fungifolk Beater resembled a mushroom but was ten feet tall. It used its arms to attack anything in a ten foot area. Also the creatures would sacrifice themselves willingly for the colony. If a beater was touched by direct sunlight it would explode into spores. After the War of the Lance the Fungifolk planned on increasing their numbers to take over Zhakar.


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