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Gair Graymist (? – 392 AC) was a Silvanesti Elf Mystic. He was a tall elf, nearly six foot. His eye coloring was a deep purple with flecks of gold in them. He had a lithe body that was well muscled and had pale skin. His hair was silvery white that fell on his narrow shoulders. He had two younger sisters: Arale Graymist and Nura Graymist. His prize procession is a red leather-bound book.

Early Life[]

Gair lived on an estate along the southern coast of Silvanesti with his father and two sisters. He snuck off to town, even though his father ordered him not to. During that time a Dragon came and attacked the estate killing his family. Ridden by guilt Gair sold the estate for emeralds and left the forest.

New Beginnings[]

After hearing of the new magic, Mysticism, that Goldmoon was teaching, Gair walked hundreds of miles to find her. He came straight into a Qué-Shu village and told Goldmoon of his desire study with her. She was impressed by his persistence and accepted him right there. Over time Goldmoon came to think of him like a son with Gair always trying very hard to please her.

Building the Citadel of Light[]

Goldmoon eventually decided to leave and find her order of mystics a new home. In 391 AC, Goldmoon, Gair, and his friend and fellow student Jasper Fireforge came to Schallsea Island in search of the Silver Stair. After climbing the stair Goldmoon decided that it was the site of her Citadel of Light.

Over time Gair became interested in life after death. He even noticed that Goldmoon sometimes appeared to be talking to her dead husband Riverwind. When he first asked to be taught this ability, Goldmoon refused citing that it was Dark Mysticism. Skills that she did not mean to discover and had no intention of using beyond talking to her husband.

Eventually Gair convinced Goldmoon to share this ability so he could make his peace with his father. However, afterwards, Gair continued to use his new skill in Spiritualism. First, he helped find children after a large blizzard then he talked to Qué-Nal spirits in a burial ground. Here he meet the spirit Darkhunter and learned from him that the living Qué-Nal lead by the shaman Shawdowwalker hate Goldmoon and by extension her followers. Gair kept this information to himself for fear that Goldmoon would not approve of how he got it.

The spirit of Gair's father convinced him to leech power from the Silver Stair to give his dead sisters form again. They ultimately refused, but Gair then attempted to use this ability on other spirits. He cracked steps in the Silver Stair as he went.

At about this same time he became infatuated with a Solamanic Knight of the Sword named Camilla Weoledge. On a trip to Heartspring, Gair, Camilla, Iryl Songbrook, and two other Solamnic knights became under attack by Shadowwalker and his warriors. Camilla was gravely wounded and Gair used his mysticism to save her from death.

Later back at the Qué-Nal burial ground, Gair tried to get more information about Shadowwalker from Darkhunter, but instead Darkhunter began to corrupt Gair. The Gnoll R'vagho discovered Gair and his newly risen wraiths at the burial ground. Gair ordered his death, but the gnoll managed to escape and warn Goldmoon about Gair's "whisperers."

Retreating to Castle Vila, Gair decided that Goldmoon and her order were weak and he would kill them all and raise them as wraiths, but he needed the power of the power of the Silver Stair to do it. He also formed an alliance with Shadowwalker to attack the mystics.

Shadowwalker's Qué-Nal attacked the settlement while Gair started to pull more power from the Silver Stair to raise everyone who had ever died on Schallsea. He was stopped by Jasper. Later, back on the stair, Gair encountered Goldmoon. She and R'vagho then defeated him as Darkhunter began to claim his body. Gair died in a heap at the base of the Silver Stair.

After he was buried, his grave felt cold to the touch and no flowers would grow there. The marker there says: "Gair Graymist, who waits for us beyond the door."


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