The town of Missing City was founded on the original site of Gal Tra'kalas, which was once a Silvanesti Elf city before the Cataclysm. However unlike most long-dead settlements, Gal Tra'kalas lives on in a way. Most of the ruins are located in the northeastern section of Missing City, and are inhabited by spectral figures. Even though the northeast part of Missing City is where the largest concentration of ruins lie, all of the four districts of Missing City were once part of Gal Tra'kalas and are all therefore inhabited by the spectral figures of the original town. These figures are not Undead or Ghosts in the traditional sense, as they do not communicate with the living inhabitants, and seem to age and die just like anyone else. Scholars have theorized that the spectral figures are part of an alternate reality in which the Cataclysm never occurred and Gal Tra'kalas was never destroyed, and that somehow Missing City is a window into seeing this alternate reality. Other people believe instead that it is an illusion created by one of the gods.


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