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Galan Dracos (? – 1018 PC) was a mutated Human who became one of the greatest mages of Krynn's history. Not much is known of his younger years except that he was born to unknown parents in the tiny Istarian farming province of Culthairai. Where he lived an uninteresting life until the Black Robed mage Sagathanus found him. However his life would change during the Third Dragon War.

Third Dragon War

Eventually Dracos became the leader of his queen Takhisis' forces. As the leader of the Dark Queen's forces he turned his back on the rules and traditions of the Conclave and three Orders of High Sorcery. Becoming a renegade wizard he formed his own order of mages who wore Brown Robes. It was these same Brown Robes who would capture the legendary War Mage Magius and torture him until his body and mind broke, leaving him dead at his old friend, Huma Dragonbane, feet.

In his quest for power, Dracos mastered blasphemous and chaotic arts, which would have permanent and shocking effects upon his physical form. In his encounter with Huma, Dracos looked reptilian. He had thin and straggly hair that formed a widow's peak on his forehead. His head was elongated, almost inhuman in looks and in place of skin had a thin covering of scales. Dracos was eventually defeated when his plan to betray the Dark Queen failed. Dracos captured Huma after the knight penetrated the inner sanctum of Dracos' Citadel, but this would prove fatal on Dracos' part.

As Dracos used his Emerald Orb to open a portal to the Abyss, Huma, through the possible help of Magius spirit, summoned the Staff of Magius and threw it. Missing Dracos, it struck the Emerald Orb, shattering it into a hundred pieces. The harnessed energy of Chaos erupted out of control, engulfing Dracos in green fire but instead of being consumed he was mutated further. The powerful energies had altered warped him further, it changed his appearance to that of a humanoid dragon.

Instead of attacking Huma, Dracos acknowledged his treachery and in one final act of magic, spoke a single word and ceased to exist in 1018 PC. Or so it was thought.

Post Third Dragon War

Five years after the Third Dragon War in 1013 PC, an elf mage named Argaen Ravenshadow sought out Dracos' legacy. After finding a shard of the shattered Emerald Orb, Argaen would slowly become obsessed on gathering all the pieces of the orb. After much careful manipulation of the Solamnic forces that guarded the remaining pieces, Argaen succeeded in reforming the orb but at a terrible price. For a piece of Dracos remained with in the orb. After a battle of wills, Argaen was no more. In his place was an amalgamated being, Dracos-Ravenshadow but before this new version of Dracos could celebrate Kaz the Minotaur killed him.


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