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Galen Nemedi (? AC - ? AC) is the current Lord Adjudicator for the Knights of the Skull in Neraka, and leader of the Cabal of the Code. He took great pleasure in the torment of others, and most who know him consider him a cruel tyrant. He has a balding head, a gaunt, almost skeletal face, piercing ice-blue eyes, and a deep voice. His dragon mount was a Black Dragon named Raventheras.

Galen Nemedi served under Mirielle Abrena during the Chaos War, and fully supported her when she claimed the title of Lord of the Night. He advanced quickly though the Skull Knights, and eventually joined the Cabal of the Code. He excelled at being an Adjudicator of the Code, and when Morham Targonne became the next Lord of the Night in 420 AC, he was promoted to Lord Adjudicator.

Galen changed though following the death of Abrena. He was fiercely loyal to her, and became paranoid, seeing enemies from all sides, even the Dark Knights. He never suspected Lord Targonne, since Targonne had use Mysticism to cloud his judgment.

Following the War of Souls, this cloud was lifted and Galen was angry. Madness and paranoia began to affect him, and he ruled the Cabal with an iron fist. He refused to take the title of Lord of the Skull, not wanting to die like the previous two had. He joined forces with Lord of the Night Baltasar Rennold, even though Galan was trying to use him for his own needs. He has spread agents throughout the Dark Knights, and will not allow for anyone to stop him, even the Lord of the Night.


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