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Gallinthus (? - ? AC), also known by his human name "Gale", was a blue dragon that was partnered up with Dhamon Grimwulf. Gale was about two hundred feet in length, half his master Khellendros's size, had a ridge above his glowing eyes, and had long horns that curled in an unusual spiral.

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War, Gale fought against the powers of the god Chaos. He was on Northern Ergoth when the fighting broke out in the Abyss. He had wanted to die a glorious death such as those who died in the Abyss, but was denied it at that time. It was unknown if he had another partner during this time.

Age of Mortals[]

Following the Chaos War, Gale allied himself with the most powerful blue dragon that he could find. This was Khellendros, whom he had been friends with before the Chaos War, back when they were the same size. Gale would rather serve him and live, rather than be killed during the Dragon Purge, and for this, Skie protected him during the Purge. Gale would later create a lair for himself, protecting the farthest edges of Skie's lands as his lieutenant.

A few years later, Gale would go to the Knights of Takhisis and take a young Knight of the Lily named Dhamon Grimwulf. Together they would become a powerful team together in trying to bring honor and glory back to the knighthood. When Dhamon disappeared, Gale resigned from the Dark Knights and vowed never to take another partner, and just served Skie loyally protecting his borders.

In 414 AC, Gale attacked and killed Shaon of Istar, as the Heroes of the Heart were docked in Palanthas. Dhamon recognized him and chased down Gale. Gale asked Dhamon to join him in serving Skie, but Dhamon turned down the offer. He instead attempted to kill Gale by cutting off most of his wing. Together they plunged down into a lake and from this fall Dhamon’s companions thought they both had been killed.

Gale survived this battle, but was permanently scarred. It took Gale months to recover from the battle, and in the end Gale was blinded and had a two-foot scar on his neck from the sword wound with two others at the base of his neck and one in the side of it. For these injuries, Gale swore vengeance against Dhamon. When Gale returned to Skie disfigured, Skie had him begin training his Blue Spawn.

After the War of Souls, Gale took command of the Blue Spawn. He began sending the spawn into Nightlund to seek out the Spiritborne in 427 AC. For what reason or if he was successful is unknown.


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