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Male Human (Midlander)
Classes: Sorcerer 2 / Master (Sage) 3 / Noble 2
Alignment: LG

Gardel Legna (Jar-dehl' Leg'-nah) (10/13/371 AD - current) is the Presider of FyxZharar, the chief executive officer of the nation. Only the authority of Sovereign Lord Montegron supercedes the decisions of the Presider and the elected Senate, and Legna has quickly mastered balancing the decisions of the Sovereign Lord with the politics of compromise required when dealing with the elected body. Gardel Legna is currently serving his second term in the Presider seat.

The wealthy Legna family is rumored to be distantly related to the lost royal family of the original FyxZharar prior to the Drowning, and some of Gardel's detractors in the Senate were worried that electing him Presider would result in Montegron taking action against the republic. So far the Sovereign Lord has not taken any open actions, but neither has Gardel done anything overt to anger Montegron.

Gardel is 6' 0" with dirty blond hair, square shoulders, and a mustache that connects to his sideburns. He has no beard, and piercing grey eyes. He is married to his second wife and has three children, two from his first wife and one from his current. His first marriage ended in divorce when he discovered her affair with a Breenaak agent. He attempted to turn her in during the winter of 414 AD, but she escaped and vanished.

Gardel spent his early years learning arcane magic, but soon after his interests turned to politics. In 400 AD, Gardel was elected to the Karsuhon senate seat. Since then he grew his influence amongst the other regularly elected politicians. Although he has always kept bettering the lives of the citizens of Karsuhon and FyxZharar his main priority, he was not above using back-door dirty tricks in order to manipulate others he needed one his side. After 14 years he gained enough support to be elected as Presider. Since then he has worked from the Pavillion to keep FyxZharar strong while Montegron focused his attentions on the much bigger picture of the Midlands and Adlatum.