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Garden of the Dead on Schallsea refers to two sites. The above ground “garden” is east of Angat in the Barren Hills. Even though no one plants crops there, every spring corn, peas, potatoes, and tomatoes grow there. The plants grow, but are always rotten. Mystics have been unable to revitalize the plants there. Even elven woodshapers have failed. Some people believe the area to be cursed by the goddess Chislev.

The second Garden of the Dead is located underground north of Linneah. It is the place holy to either Chislev or Chemosh or maybe both. The garden is where Wemitowuk who have committed great sins are sent to work the underground garden.

To enter the tunnels to this “garden” one must dig a three feet hole in the above ground Gardens of the Dead. Once the roots are exposed to light they collapse into a pit. The opening will start to close magically after ten minutes. In the pit there is a ten foot tunnel that leads roughly east and downward.

The tunnel leads into some catacombs that contain pits and various creatures including Kani Dolls. Those traveling the tunnel may experience odd sights and smells as well. Eventually visitors will reach a large cave and encounter an animated skeleton that possesses a spade of colossal excavation. The skeleton is a guide to the Garden of the Dead and will take visitors to it by using its magical spade to dig a tunnel.

The skeleton will take visitors to a ten foot diameter cave filled with green mist. Past this cave lies the Garden of the Dead in a hundred foot diameter cavern that is a hundred feet high. The cave holds a garden similar to the one above ground and tents of the undead occupants of the garden. The occupants of the garden include: Chupchus, Hurricopah, Pavasusu, Qahitloq, Tohopote, and the only occupant that was not undead, Talawillona.

Post War of the Lance[]

In 354 AC, a group of adventurers explored the underground Garden of the Dead. The adventurers included: Bennybeck Cloudberry, Blackstar, Grenden Ravenseye, Pike Oakbone, Tarr Ravenseye, Trapian, and Shalindra.

Post Chaos War[]

After the Chaos War, the tunnel to the underground garden closed.

Post War of Souls[]

Since the gods return, the Wemitowuk believe that the entrance to the underground garden may have reopened.