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Gargoyles are a race of mysterious creatures of Krynn. The usually appear in humanoid shape with horns, beaks, and wings. Their skin is similar in look and feel to granite and sometimes marble. The Creatures have the ability to stand very still. This ability along with their skin allows them to camouflage themselves among statue gargoyles on castles and ruins. Many adventurers believe gargoyles to be magical constructs possessed by evil fiends, but gargoyles are living creatures. It is believed by some sages that gargoyles were a race created through some forgotten magical means and for some forgotten purpose.

Gargoyles tend to live in small groups called flocks. They are fiercely territorial even between other flocks. The creatures do not care for things like treasure and do not understand other races love of it. The race is considered chaotic evil and mages have been known to control flocks through the use of spells or intimidation. Flocks have been known to guard the first Bastion, the Tower of High Sorcery at Daltigoth, and be used by the Wizard Valkyn of Culthairai shortly after the War of the Lance.

Special Types[]