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Gather was a human nation located north of Taol, Isim, and Empire of Istar. Along Gather's nothern border was the Courrain Ocean. The major geographical features of this nation was the northern tip of the Khalkist Mountains to the far southwest of Gather's lands, and the River Gather that ran out into the Courrain Ocean at Tucuri. The Wall of Istar separates the Istar Province from Gather to the east. Gather's lands were most plains used to grow crops.

Age of Might

In the years 850 - 727 PC, Gather was conquered during this timeframe by Istar, forming the fledgling Empire of Istar. Midrath and Ismin also fell to Istar during this time, all of them becoming the newest provinces of Istar.

Gather was known for exporting of gold-threaded tapestries throughout Ansalon, having many farmlands on its plainsland, the shepards raise sheep, and Aldhaven was known as the center of the slave trade.


Following the Cataclysm Gather was no more. Parts of it was sunk by the fiery mountain, into the Blood Sea of Istar and Courrain Ocean. Parts of Gather make up present day Kern and the island of Saifhum.


  • Aldhaven - Capital
  • Dinas
  • Ghuth
  • Jaganna
  • King's Dirk
  • Rymdar
  • Samekh
  • South Mines
  • Styx
  • Tirabot Manor
  • Tucuri


  • Antal Kizm
  • Great Kings Pyramids
  • Kal-Thax
  • Obsidian Tower
  • Tirabot Keep

Mystical and Holy Sites

  • Arrowhead Furrow
  • Celestial Passage
  • The Fount


  • Breadbasket Plains
  • Gather River
  • Great White Road
  • Huichpa Forest
  • Plains of Gather
  • Vigilant River


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