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Male Hartdar
Classes: Commoner 5
Alignment: LN

Gendar Leevay (Gen'-dahr Lee-vay') (1/14/315 - current) is the mayor of Trebiers, FyxZharar. In 390 AD he was elected to the post for life. Prior to his election, the office was held by his own father, Mayor Drosimar Leevay, who had died earlier that same year.

For the last thirty years, Gendar has attempted to keep business in Trebiers clean, lawful, and honest. Since his father had run a number of underhanded dealing, attempting to rook money out of other towns and cities, and given a cut of his profits back to the city, Drosimar became remembered as a political hero to the people of Trebiers. Gendar on the other hand is not showing himself to be as successful due to his attempts to play fair. No doubt if he did not have the support of Chatellin Mri, owner of Cosickers Hold, Gendar would had been pressured out of his seat by now.