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Gilean is the chief deity of the Gods of Neutrality and the Divine Power of knowledge. He was given the Tobril by the High God. Gilean is an observer, appearing passionless and uncaring. Gilean’s constellation is poised between good and evil, and he is mediator between the two. Gilean is the primary proponent of free will.

Gilean was called from the Beyond by the High God, from out of Time, raising him to godly stature as companion and brother to Paladine and Takhisis. One myth surrounding his legend states that a mortal scribe would be taken out of time to become Gilean, which some surmise to be Astinus of Palanthas.

Gilean has only one child, the goddess Lunitari who sprang fully formed from him. The other neutral gods are those that he gathered to him from the Beyond, who aided in the order of Creation.

Gilean’s Clerics act as Scribes, Librarians, and Historians. No Cleric of Gilean may ever destroy a book, no matter the contents.

Shrines to Gilean[]

There is a chapel dedicated to Gilean at the Library of Khrystan. Entering this place makes the person feel welcomed, as if visiting an old friend.

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