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Gileandos (? - ? AC) was a Human male that worked as a tutor for the Pathwarden Family. He was at least 40 years older then the Pathwarden boys Alfric, Brithelm and Galen that he taught so from around the year 165 AC. He hand no doubt been stooped and greying for years, all jewellery and combed beard and slick pomades and colognes—a dandy gone nightmarishly wrong in his declining years. But to this appearance he was adding a peculiarly haunted look of late, as the gallons of gin caught up to him.

The boys, at least Alfric and Galen, were no fan of him and often played very painful practical jokes on him that could set him aflame or such. One of such jokes caused an alembic to explode near his left ear causing him to lose much of his hearing. He gained his knowledge from studying with gnomes and taught poetry, history, mathematics, heraldry, rhetoric and Solamnic lore. So a jack of al trades and only lukewarm in all disciplines. Robert di Caela once called him "the most thoroughly educated fool on the planet". When confronted with a situation he had the tendency to ignore the obvious, preferring to notice something subtle, hidden in a situation, from which he almost always drew the wrong conclusion.

After his duties as tutor ended with the boys all flying out he accompanied their father, Andrew Pathwarden in 228 AC on a trip to Castle di Caela. During the visit the place was hit by multiple earthquakes. He joined reluctantly an expedition into a cave system opened up in a cellar during one of the quakes. During this trip he got buried by a cave in. Andrew Pathwarden, thinking the man had died promised him the Moat House if he would have lived. When this later on proved to be the case, Gileandos had been very lucky, stuck Sir Andrew to his word.