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Gilidarius (? AC - ? AC) was a Black Robe Necromancer who lived in the Age of Despair and was once apprenticed to Raistlin Majere for a short time despite Raistlin being far younger then the old Gilidarius. In his earlier years, he had trained as a wizard though he chose a settled life instead of pursuit in magic. He became a farmer and though it was a harsh lifestyle with many hardships, Gilidarius did not stray from it. This changed when a band of roving bandits slew his wife and children driving him back to magic both to gain revenge on those who wronged him and in hopes of raising his loved ones back from the grave. It was during this time that he met and apprentice under Raistlin for a period. Gilidarius continued to achieve his goals, but after Raistlin's failed venture into the Abyss, Gilidarius has also seen a method of seeking out his lost master too.

A notable sight around Gilidarius was his rat familiar; he also owned several other regular rats that he trained to perform various tasks for him. During his time under Raistlin, Gilidarius had his ring of wizardry altered using the rune of magical absorption on the great stone table in his master's laboratory, granting it additional power to boost his spell casting when Nuitari was full.

Gilidarius' past had left him extremely bitter man driven by his ambition allowing no one to stand in the way of his goals. He adopted similar qualities of his master, Raistlin. Cold and aloof to others always sought to hide his true goals and manipulating them to his own end. He had no qualm about what he did to achieve them. During the War of the Lance, he fought against the Dragonarmies though this was simply to ensure they would not interfere with his plans.


An old man with long white hair possessing unearthly eyes that seemed to glow with an unearthly light. Gilidarius was tall and gaunt figure with wrinkled skin was gray and splotched, he typically wore the traditional black robes of the Wizards of High Sorcery.


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