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Gilon Majere (? AC - 342 AC) was a woodcutter in the village of Solace. He had brown eyes that had a sadness to them, broad, kind face with a cheerful, placid expression, and thick brown hair. Gilon was very secretive about where he would go to chop wood. He would leave his home before dawn with his dog Amber, and head out to the woods to cut wood until very late at night.

Gilon married Rosamun prior to 326 AC, and later in that year she gave birth to twin sons Caramon and Raistlin Majere. With Caramon being born the first, Gilon named his first son after his grandfather. Rosamun would never recover from this very hard birth, and would go into trances for long periods of time. Even though Gilon wanted to stay home with his family, he would have to go and make money for the family. Gilon's stepdaughter Kitiara Uth Matar would end up raising his boys for him.

Eventually though, Raistlin would show an interest in magic. Gilon was going to write a letter to Master Theobald Beckman, but was not satisfied with the application letters he was attempting to write. So, he took a day off of work and paid the Master a visit with Raistlin. Raistlin was accepted into the school, and Gilon was satisfied that Raistlin's future had been settled.

Woodcutting was a very hazardous job, and eventually those hazards would catch up with Gilon. In 342 AC, Gilon was out in the woods near Prayer's Eye Peak cutting when a storm hit. A tree fell on him and he was crushed. He was carried back to Solace, and the cultist of Belzor Widow Judith attempted to "Heal" him. It failed and she claimed that his death was because of Rosamun's sins. Flint Fireforge, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and Tanis Half-Elven were all present when Gilon died. Flint, Tanis and the townspeople stuck up for Gilon's wife, and Judith was kicked out of town. Gilon was buried, and a Vallenwood Tree planted over his grave.

Following the death of Gilon when a tree fell on him, Rosamun goes into another trance. This one she does not return from and she dies within a few days of Gilon's death.

Kender Tales

One story has Caramon going with Gilon on the day he died, but he was really back in Solace with his brother Raistlin. It also states that his leg was crushed, and he died of pneumonia.


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