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Gilthas Pathfinder (366 AC - ? AC) was born the only son of two of the greatest people in Krynn's history, Heroes of the Lance Tanis Half-Elven and Laurana Kanan. He was named after Laurana's brother Gilthanas Kanan. Due to his parent's heritages, Gilthas gained one-quarter Human blood from his father Tanis and was three-quarters Qualinesti Elf. In a secret ceremony, Gilthas married Kerianseray in 421 AC.

In his younger years, Gilthas looked frail, sickly, tall and slender, fair hair, and almond-shaped blue eyes and has an impatient streak in him from his human side. Tanis and Laurana always would call him 'Gil' as a nickname. He was known to be able to speak both Elven and Common. He took up poetry in 418 AC and became very good at composing and reading it.

By 426 AC Gilthas looked totally different than what he used to look like. He was now lean, brown, and serious, and would rise up early in the morning, work all day, and live as frugally as possible. Gilthas hadn't even reached his middle years yet and already was showing faint lines that track the skin between his eyes and bracketed his mouth. His hair was lighter with some silver-gray strands visible in it here and there.

Early Years[]

When Gilthas was a young elf living with his parents, he grew up a sheltered life due to his sickness. In 372 AC at the age of six, Gilthas almost died from an illness and this caused his parents to be so protective of him. They also wanted to shield him from the politics of Qualinesti because they thought he would be ridiculed for not being fully elven. The one thing his father allowed him out of the house to do was ride a horse, and for this he became known as being a skilled horseman. He was never allowed to learn how to use any weapon, be it sword, axe, or even bow and arrow. When a Kender named Tasslehoff Burrfoot would come and visit his friends, Gilthas would call him 'Uncle Tas'.

In 382 AC, an elven senator by the name of Rashas conspired to oust both his uncle Porthios Kanan and aunt Alhana Starbreeze. Gilthas was forced to take the title of Speaker of the Sun and the Medallion of the Sun or Rashas' people would have killed Alhana. Then both Alhana and Porthios were both branded dark elves and expelled from both nations, much to Gilthas' sadness. Rashas then told Gilthas that he would be his 'advisor', but what he meant was that he would pull Gilthas' strings. So Gilthas became a puppet of the Thalas-Enthia and the most influential senators, especially Rashas.

Chaos War[]

When the Knights of Takhisis invaded Qualinesti, Rashas told Gilthas to accept them into the nation and he did so. The Dark Knights quickly took advantage of the situation and took control over on pulling Gilthas' strings. During this time, Gilthas found a young Kagonesti Elf handmaiden named Kerianseray who was a spy for the Kagonesti of Southern Ergoth. Gilthas tried setting up an alliance with Porthios and his followers to fight the Dark Knights, but before all that could be hammered out the Chaos War broke over Krynn.

Shadow Wights, Daemon Warriors, and Fire Dragons, all born of Chaos, attacked Qualinost in an attempt to annihilate the defenders there. Porthios', Gilthas', Green Dragons, and the Dark Knight's forces all allied to fight the Chaos creatures. During this, Gilthas led his forces bravely and won the admiration of his people. The battle was won, but at the cost of the presumed death of Porthios.

Age of Mortals[]

With the people of Krynn winning the war against Chaos, the gods departed from the world and ushered in a new Age of Mortals. Gilthas secretly wanted to pass his speakership to his cousin Silvanoshei Caladon, but he watched as the Dark Knights continued to control his nation and control him. Eventually a large Dragon Overlord named Beryllinthranox who was a Green Dragon not born of Krynn, came in and claimed the Forest of Qualinesti in 388 AC which included all elves. Her agents quickly took over the reigns over Gilthas, and he continued to serve as a puppet.

At this time, Gilthas secretly saw Kerianseray wander out into the woods to find herself again in 419 AC. For the next two years, she began to gain the reputation as 'the Lioness' and would report only to Gilthas. Over these two years their love would grow stronger for each other, and Kerianseray would broker a deal on Gilthas' behalf with the Dwarves of Thorbardin to dig tunnels out of the city so the elves could flee it. In a secret marriage, witnessed only by Laurana and Gilthas' new friend Stanach Hammerfell, Gilthas and Kerianseray exchanged their wedding vows to each other and were married.

War of Souls[]

War came to Ansalon again in the form of the War of Souls. As Gilthas was saving his people, Beryl decided that now was the time to destroy the elven nation. Gilthas' mother Laurana made him flee with his people into exile, while she stayed behind to lead the soldiers in battle against the Green. Thanks to the tunnels of the dwarves, they were able to get safely away from the doomed city. Gilthas waited behind to see if their army would return, but he got word quickly of their victory and their defeat. The entire elven army along with his mother in Qualinost was destroyed, but the Green was finally killed.

Gilthas then took his people first to Thorbardin and continued along east across the Plains of Dust to the lands of the Silvanesti in the hopes that their cousins would take them in for the time being. Upon arriving in Silvanesti he found the nation in the control of the Dark Knights, but Alhana was leading her army north towards Sanction where her son had run off to. So, both peoples joined up to push onto attack the Dark Knights there and save the young prince. While enroute a huge army of Ogres attacked their army while the elves were in a valley. Luckily, the Metallic Dragons were freed and returned to Krynn in time to save the elves.

Following the battle with the ogres, they continued their march until they joined in the Battle of Sanction. Gilthas led his people into battle, and the One God ended up being the Dark God Takhisis. Gilthas assigned his loyal bodyguard named Planchet as the general of his army, and the combined armies were able to defeat Takhisis's armies. Just before this win though, Gilthas was magically brought to the arena in the Temple of Duerghast to watch Takhisis ascend to ruler of Krynn. When the rest of the gods returned, he was magically removed from the arena and back out with his army. He found out from Valthonis, who was the mortal god Paladine, about the death of his cousin. Valthonis then persuades Gilthas to accept leadership of the Silvanesti Elves, thus becoming Speaker of the Sun and Stars. His aunt Alhana, still in grief over the death of her son, personally crowned him as Speaker before she left the elven people. The Silvanesti had to swallow their tongues on an non-pure elf leading them, but they wanted one of Silvanos Goldeneye's blood to rule the elven nations.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the war, only about one thousand elves were all that followed Gilthas out of Sanction. He then led his people into exile into Khur and was granted the land outside the walls of Khuri-Khan in exchange for paying a tribute of one thousand steel every twenty days. Over the next five years, more and more elves came to this temporary home for them until there was about one hundred thousand elves living outside the human city. All these elves were made up of high officials, warriors, and nobles of the three clans of elves: the Qualinesti, Silvanesti, and the Kagonesti.

Following the last disastrous foray into Silvanesti in 426 AC, Gilthas declared that they would no longer throw elven lives away by trying to take back the elven nation. Instead his people would try and find a new temporary sanctuary for his people. He found a valley called the Inath-Wakenti and he had his wife lead a contingent of scouts to investigate it.

While his wife was gone, an assassin tried to kill him when he was hit by an arrow on the right side in the hollow of his neck and it also cut his jaw. When his servant Planchet pulled the arrow from his body, he did not pass out from the pain of it ripping out of his body. He life was attempted on by the Khurish Prince Shobbat who shot an arrow from three miles away with the aid of magic. Gilthas wouldn't allow his people to go to war over this and held them in check. Eventually, when his wife came back from her scouting trip, she did some things that were detrimental against the elves living in Khur against the people of Khur. Gilthas had to do the hardest thing of his speakership and that was to strip her of her command. When the Khur Nomads showed up following this, she took control of most of the army in a rebellion to attack the nomads. Before this could happen, Gilthas' people were able to talk things out with the nomads, and when Kerianseray was going to give herself up, the Khan's soldiers crushed the nomads and Kerianseray disappeared. Gilthas was heartbroken, but he decided to march his people to Inath-Wakenti.

Despite the sudden disappearance of his wife, Gilthas knew deep within himself that she was not dead and dispatched a search party to go and find her while he and the rest of the elven nation continued its march to Inath-Wakenti.

While Gilthas and his people journeyed through the harsh desert of Khur. They were continually attacked by the Nomad tribes led by Adala. It was the Nomads belief that it was their fate to keep the Valley of the High Ones free from the elves. Another reason for the aggression was due in part to the misconception that the elves were responsible for the massacre of a nomadic tribe of Adala's. Which was actually brought about by a creature sent to kill the Lioness by the wizard Faertus. Mainly by virtue of the Speaker's resolve, the elves were able to withstand the constant attacks of the Nomads. Gilthas lead his people to a section of rocky outpeaks called the Lion's Teeth for shelter. Gilthas then finds that he is suffering from the illness consumption that is ravaging his body from the insides out. The Nomads capture, maim, and return a group of elves to Gilthas on Lion's Teeth.

With the help of a Nomad named Wapah who sees that Adala is wrong for her actions. Gilthas and the elves sneak off Lion's Teeth and make a final push for Inath-Wakenti. While the group of maimed elves led by his closest friend Planchet stay behind to make the Nomads think the elves are still there and fight the Nomads who might pursue the elven nation. Gilthas is very upset as he knows Planchet and the maimed elves have basically volunteered for a suicide mission. Nonetheless Gilthas departs for the Valley.

After discovering their trickery, the Nomads pursue the elves and position themselves between the elves and the valley. Gilthas leads his people in what he feels may be their last stand. Facing certain defeat Gilthas suffers a wound to his head and falls. While looking up to the sky he sees dark figures approach. The search party he had sent out was successful in finding Kerian, as well as Porthios and Alhana Starbreeze. Together with a small band of fighters mounted on Griffons, the Lioness swoops down from the sky to save the elven nation from destruction at the hands of the Nomads. Gilthas then leads his people into the Inath-Wakenti to establish a new home for the united elven nation.

The Valley of Inath-Wakenti[]

After the final confrontation with the desert Nomads. Gilthas led the united elven nation into the Valley he hoped would be their salvation. Free from the scorching heat and the violent attacks from the Nomads, the elves rejoiced. Their joy was short lived however, as life in the valley was exactly as Kerian had described it to Gilthas previously. Lifeless. Not only was there no food to be had. There were also strange Will O' The Wisps that dogged any elves that might venture too far into the valley. The Wisps were responsible for many an elf disappearing from the camp. Confronted with these new developments, Gilthas had to do his best to avoid a public confrontation with Porthios. Porthios was pushing very hard to take control of the Elven Armies and go to war to reclaim the elven homelands. On top of everything else the disease Gilthas was suffering was starting to take its toll on his health.

A grand meeting of all elves called a Sinthal-Elish was called. During which, Porthios made his play to sway the elves to fight. Gilthas decided to let all the elves to choose which road their fate would take them. Any elves wishing to leave with Porthios and Alhana had his blessing to do so. The Lioness was conflicted about her desires, but chose to stand by her husband and his decision to stay in the Valley and move onward to establish a new elven stronghold. With the decision made, Gilthas began in earnest the process of deciphering the mysteries of Inath-Wakenti. He and the elven scholars pored over every piece of information they had in their possession that could help them make a new life for themselves in the Valley, but the more they found out, the more questions arose. Gilthas remained steadfast though, even if every other elf left with Porthios, he would stay and let fate decide his destiny in the valley.

The next day the elves brought about the division of the elven nation once again. Basically every elven warrior, save for a few hundred, decided to ride with Porthios to take back Qualinesti. The civilian elves were to remain with their Speaker in the valley. Porthios told Kerian the route he planned to take fully expecting Gilthas to be dead soon from his disease. Once Porthios and the Army of Liberation departed he turned and began his journey into the valley by stepping into Lioness Creek which had been named after his wife.

As the elves journeyed into the Valley, Gilthas found that it was much as his wife had described. Lifeless and filled with ghostly spirits and weird creatures of light. The valley was also filled with massive stone monoliths that looked to have been shaped and placed in some pattern. Another phenomena that plagued the elves was the continuing disappearance of their dwindling food supply. They valley seemed intent on making sure the elves were to perish by starvation or outright destruction by the Will O' The Wisps. If these lights touched a person they immediately blinked out of existence. Kerian believed the wisps to be guardians of the valley. Not just keeping the living out, but keeping whatever they were guarding in. Kerian also told Gilthas of the massive tunnel system which ran under the valley. Somehow there was a greater story about the valley that was eluding them thus far. During this time the rouge wizard Faertus had made his way back into the valley and was heading to what he called the Stair of Distant Vision with an elf captive named Favaronus who was with Kerian's original scouting party. Favaronus began to decipher the lost scrolls of the valley, and Faertus needed him to finish the translation that would bring about a spell that would kill all the elves.

After an attack by ghostly spirits Gilthas became even more ill. It was also wondered if Lady Sa'ida who was a cleric of Elir-Sana (Mishakal) would be able to help cure Gilthas as well as lend advice in dealing with the dead spirits. Kerian departed immediately to get the priestess. It was also around the time Favaronus was visited by spirits telling him how how might be able to stop the wizard Faertus. Kerian returned with the priestess just in time to save Gilthas form dying, although not fully curing him. Sa'ida also helped the elves protect themselves from the ghostly attacks. It was then that Faertus began the complex spell that would use the valley's hidden power to destroy the elves. During the chaos the spell was creating in the valley, Gilthas began to hemorrhage blood internally and slowly began to die. Just as Faertus began to recite the last line of the spell, he was killed by a Dark Night who had mistaken him for the since departed Porthios. With that Favaronus finished the spell and unleashed the valley's hidden power that restored life to Inath-Wakenti. The unleashed power also restored Gilthas back to full health as well the rest of the elven nation. Inath-Wakenti became a utopia in a matter of minutes. Flora and fauna were everywhere. The elves finally had a place to call home. As Sa'ida journeyed back to to her home she was paid a visit by Zivilyn, who she found out was the "guiding" force behind the elves success. For this he was to be banished from the heavens for 500 years and lose his divine powers, while inhabiting the body of an elderly man. To him the survival of the elf race was worth it. Kerian also bore Gilthas a son he named Balif. And as soon as she was able flew off to join Porthios in his war to reclaim the elven homelands. It would be up to Gilthas to raise his son in the mean time.


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